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 Queen’s 90th Birthday Musical and Social Evening

This long awaited event on the evening of 9th July 2016 by another great celebration in the Parish Hall – this time it was an evening event with films, music and quizzes.

Marilyn had worked hard researching obscure questions about not just HRH The Queen but also Queen.  Suffice to say that the questions about the Queen proved easier than those about Queen although Bohemian Rhapsody did appear more than once.


Richard Culverhouse had gathered together lots of photographs, old and new, of the village – in fact he was bang up to date with photos of the recent picnic on the green.  What was great was seeing the number of events that have been run over the years including some home cine film of a 1950’s summer parade at Knowle Hall.

We also enjoyed a number of photos and film about her Majesty all set to music by Queen. The idea was to come dressed for a Queen - Inevitably some went over the top !!


Richard Culverhouse (L) and Pete Clarke


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